Saturday, 1 October 2011

Keyless Keyring

I handed in my car plus car keys... a nice new Saab, 9550 kms, probably one of the last ones ever produced. Knowing the prices for cars in Singapore, I realize for this money I should be glad to get a 4 year old Corolla there. But I will probably try to live without a car there; I intend to live downtown, where a car is nothing but an expensive nuisance. I want to use public transportation and/or taxis. I calculated that taking a taxi everyday to work from downtown (25 mins) will still be cheaper than driving the 4 year old Corolla.
Of course in the subway, other then during my stay in Switzerland, blending in will be somewhat more of a challenge.

I also did a final check in my house and handed over the keys to the real estate broker who will rent out my place. My key ring is now keyless... So guess it is just a ring now. With a Heineken Bottle Opener attached to it. But soon it will carry the shiny key of some spiffy place in Singapore, if everything goes according to plan!

At least the weather is really nice, so the struggle between feelings of sadness and feelings of excitement for the future is, at least for now, won by the latter.

Should I come back, this house is where I will return.

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