Saturday, 22 October 2011

Can it be more Dutch?

Together with my colleage, Frank, I am participating in a race. The ABN AMRO Ambassador's Cup 2011. I trained one time before with Frank. We are sailing a Blade catamaran, the 'Wassup', a small, but fast little boat, that can reach speeds of up to 20 knots (close to 40 km/hr). I have experience with big monohulls, and the difference cannot be bigger! The speed, acceleration are hard to catch in words. It kind of reminds me of the high speed wind surfing I did in the past, the bad news however is that much more can go wrong with the catamaran. It can even flip frontwards, not a nice thing when you are hanging outside, hooked in your harness!
With absolutely no expectations we participated, there were different classes ranging from Catamarans, Trimarans to big monohull yachts. Our class starts 10 mins after the first group (the big yachts). There is good wind, and it does feel great to pass in a few minutes time the whole field of yachts with amazing speed difference. I shout:"Dont't worry, we will not drink all the beer, so long S...ers!!!". There is just something magic about high speeds with use of the wind only! We do a 40 km trip, unfortunately, during the last hour the wind drops to almost zero, and we are even overtaken by some of the bigger monohulls... THE HUMILIATION! (Glad I did not actually shout out that beer remark)

But after we return, it is party time, live music, buffet. I am wearing an Ambassador's Cup poloshirt with a big ABN AMRO logo, there are waitresses in Heineken (other big sponsor) dresses that keep filling the glasses; CAN IT BE MORE DUTCH? I even have a bitterbal! Fortunately the buffet is not Dutch.
Many Embassies are represented, and even the Dutch Ambassador gives a short speech.
Then... the prices are called, and from the Embassies the Belgians won! But then, much to our surprise, when it comes to the Catamaran Class, we are called for the 3rd price!!! I guess we did something right. So from here we decide that it should go upward only. We will cherish our little trophy, and when our price cabinet needs tidying because we run out of space, I promise to not throw out this one!

I will join the Changi Sailing Club (see pics above) and we will go do some serious racing!

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